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CPEC Global

(Coimbatore Precision Engineering Components) CPEC GLOBAL, a INDIA based company with offices and engineers around Europe and Asia, provides a complete service for designing, developing, and delivering products to market.



CPEC GLOBAL is a global supplier of Precision Industrial Engineering Components, Parts or Subassemblies. We uniquely position our self as a one-stop-shop “Virtual Office” offering a broad spectrum of activities in Supply chain with our Staff’s & Engineer’s as your boots on the grounds, providing best-in-class technical solutions and manufacturing services to our customers for critical engineering applications. With over 20 years of knowledge and experience, CPEC GLOBAL provides a seamless manufacturing and supply process for Aerospace, Defense, Food & Agriculture, Automotive, Medical, Energy, Electrical and all process industries. From component design and prototyping to manufacturing, testing, finishing and warehousing, we offer solutions that meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Management Certified Company, with In-house production facility for Pressure Die casted Components, Aluminium Die Cast Rotors and Machined Components.

You state your product requirements. We align your needs with the right source of information with prices and schedules.

Areas of expertise*

  • Transfer manufacturing from current source to our UK and overseas facilities
  • The conversion of fabrications into cast products
  • Converting machined from solid parts to casting designs
  • Prototyping with quick turnaround

Not only does all our manufacturing achieve full IS09001 accreditation, guaranteeing a level of superior product quality, but we are backed by experience, knowledge and skill to give our customers the ultimate confidence in delivering their products.





Key Facts 


CPEC (COIMBATORE PRECISION ENGINEERING COMPONENTS) GLOBAL customers come to us, and keep coming back, for the simple fact that our experience in the industry makes us experts at what we do.